Software Engineer (All levels)

Remote / Oakland, CA

4 weeks ago

COVID Update - We are actively hiring for this position and are operating as a fully distributed organization across the United States. We anticipate a future where some Eveners will be in an office again, but many will continue to be remote for their entire tenure. We are building an organization that puts the health and wellbeing of our employees (and their families) first.

About Even

More than half of American workers live paycheck-to-paycheck. Stuck in this cycle, they collectively lose over $120 billion each year on payday loans, bank overdrafts, and fees. We’re trying to fix that by building new financial services that make it easier to plan ahead, pay down debt, and save. And we’re doing it as a transparent, straightforward business that only profits when our members do. Learn more

The Role

Software Engineers at Even build the products & systems that serve our members and run our company. Besides writing, reviewing, and shipping code, engineers collaborate with others across the company, from product, design, and data to sales, compliance, and customer support. Software Engineers at Even are highly technical, communicative and emotionally intelligent.

Tools We Use

You absolutely do not need experience with all of these, but we thought you might be curious. Tools can be learned, so we care much more about your general engineering skill than knowledge of a particular language/tool/technology.

  • Server: Go, PostgreSQL, Redis, AWS (S3, SQS, etc.)
  • Client: React Native (JavaScript, iOS, Android), GraphQL, Relay
  • Infra: Bazel, Docker, Redshift

What You’ll Do

  • Write a significant amount of code. You don’t need direct experience with Go, React Native and/or Javascript, but interest is important.
  • Work closely with other engineers to review and ship code. Our team is small but mighty, and we enjoy collaboration and partnering on hard problems.
  • Build and maintain documentation. As a growing and remote organization, having the necessary docs are key to our success.
  • Solve complex problems that arise from our unique domain. We deal with real-world money movement, sensitive financial data at scale, and are creating novel financial mechanics with no real precedent. We also operate in a large codebase (currently, >500k LOC).

What You’ll Need

  • Fundamentals of coding, data structures and web architecture.
  • Some amount of experience building, shipping and growing non-trivial products & services. We welcome folks at all levels, but ask that you have experience from at least an internship.
  • Passion for your craft, people and our mission. You value quality across code, communication, and culture.
  • A desire to keep growing your skills, and an ability to learn quickly. We hire for slope, not just y-intercept.