Founding Product Designer

New York, NY

1 week ago

Remember the last time you came across a store you never knew existed — but had exactly what you were looking for? We want to make this happen more often.

Today, we live in a winner-takes-most world that amplifies the mainstream, leaving little room for smaller, differentiated brands to get off the ground. But if you look under the covers, you will see that things are changing. Over the past few years, there has been an explosion of online storefronts, powered by ecommerce backends that cost less than a coffee a day. They are started by our family, friends, and neighbors, and this story is repeating itself across the country — there are now millions of small brands, created by people who care deeply about the products they sell, just waiting to be discovered. How many more entrepreneurs will come online next year?

At Marmalade (, we are on a mission to help the world discover the amazing small businesses that bring joy to their customers and communities. In doing so, each of us as consumers benefits from more nuanced brands and products, and collectively we can bring equity to the way that internet platforms direct digital foot-traffic to small storefronts.

Marmalade is not a marketplace! We believe that there are enough shopping carts online. Rather, the Marmalade platform leverages data and technology at scale to enable consumers to explore communities of online storefronts through the lens of their unique identities. Together, we can build the first product that creates that magical experience of finding the perfect store you can’t wait to share.

Our founding team is based in New York City. While we’ve adapted to working remotely, we have a preference for NYC-based designers, because it can be more fun to be in the same location! Get to know the co-founders.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a senior-level product designer with experience shipping user experiences across platforms to join our team as a Founding Product Designer. They will be a key early partner in bringing our product to life, putting it in front of consumers, and continuing to iterate on the experience.

Our ideal candidate is someone who enjoys getting stuff done, tackling user experience challenges from first principles, and is eager to become a founding member of a seed-stage, pre-Series A (ad)venture. They are amazing at conceptualizing user-centric product experiences and design, and are excited to improve the user experience through an iterative, data-driven approach.

These skills include:

  • Passion about problem solving, especially in identifying and addressing unmet user needs through product.
  • Commitment to the scientific method.
  • Experience designing and conducting user/systems research, including usability testing and contextual inquiry.
  • Extensive experience using modern interface design tools like Figma, Sketch, Invision, and/or Zeplin. Secondary experience with other design tools like Photoshop or Illustrator.
  • Proficient at rapid, iterative design processes including wireframing, information architecture, and prototyping.
  • Comfortable working from a blank or ambiguous state.
  • Excellent communication skills that allow you to express your thinking with clarity, brevity, and a strong perspective. You’ll initially be working day-to-day with the co-founding team and several engineering and design contractors.

Nice to haves:

  • Strong case studies and visual design portfolio.
  • Experience designing for consumer-facing ecommerce applications with a high degree of user personalization.

Why Marmalade?

We have done the work to identify a key unmet need, we have a team that can work at your level, and now it's a wide open field for you to take us to a product people love 💛

Here’s our promise to you:

  • You will be respected and included. You will work directly with the founding team — mission-driven people who love getting things done and who trust each other to take risks and make mistakes to innovate.
  • We will prioritize creating a safe space for diverse identities to grow and thrive.
  • You will play a significant role in shaping the vision and culture of Marmalade from the early days. We are a seed-funded venture with a sizable option pool — this is an opportunity to own and grow as the First Hire.
  • We recognize the value of strong benefits and are open to discussing your needs.
  • You will join a team motivated by a mission to serve consumers and small entrepreneurs. We registered Marmalade Labs Inc. as a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) as one of hopefully many steps towards our goals of having a positive impact.
  • Visit our website to learn more about the team.


We believe in the power of small, nimble, talented teams. To achieve this, we aim to be competitive on compensation (salary + equity) and will work hard for the right founding product designer.

Let’s jam!

If this opportunity sounds great, send us a note at Be sure to include:

  • A brief note on why you are interested in this role.
  • Examples of your work such as case studies, design portfolio or descriptions of past contributions.
  • Your LinkedIn and/or your resume.
  • Diversity is important to us! If you’ve contributed to any relevant initiatives outside of your core role, we want to hear about it.
  • Anything to get to know you better!